Friday, October 15, 2010

History Waves #5 ~ Abraham Lincoln's Beard

Perspectives of Abraham Lincoln
History Waves #5 ~ Abraham Lincoln's Beard~
Today, October 15th, 150 years ago, (1860) was a very special day.
An 11 year old girl by the name of Grace Bedell wrote a letter to Abraham Lincoln.
He was a nominee for President of the United Sates.
She suggested that he grow a beard.
On October 19th, Lincoln replied.
And by February 11th, 1861 when Lincoln was headed for the White House, he was sporting a beard.
Details of the letters and further events are on the Abraham Lincoln Research Site.

Imagine writing a letter to someone in a position of power. (real person)
(a) Write the letter.
(b) Report on the historical impact of the letter 50 years later.

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