Friday, September 11, 2009

Word Play #2 ~ Shadow

Pic by G.W. aka P.A.
Word Play #2 ~ Shadow~
* Use this word in a piece of writing.
It may be the topic or may be mentioned in your writing or even be a theme!
A few suggestions:
Song lyrics
Diary entry
Front page feature article
Short story
Flash Fiction of 50 words
NOTE: You may even like to combine this with Word Play #1 ~ Light


Guitar Hero Legend said...


Guitar Hero Legend said...

OOPs Jordan K

No Self Remains said...

I love Tupac Shakur

Anonymous said...

This is anything

The Deceased Budgie Formally Known As Mr Sprinkles said...

I have written a comment miss adams I hope you're happy (says in resigned voice).

FanOfSomethingMainstream420 said... do do.....

Display Name said...


SwitchBlade said...

word play 2 complete

ok said...

i am cool

Display Name said...

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-Display Name

ManUnited_09 said...

man u iz da best

The Deceased Budgie Formally Known As Mr Sprinkles said...

lol switchblade appears to be the only sensible person on this forum. Although judging by my pseudonym deciphering it is not surprising as to who owns this identity.

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