Tuesday, September 21, 2010

News Alert! World Peace Day Today!

News Alert! ~ World Peace Day Today!
Opinion Piece #10

From the United Nations website:
Finland: “ENO Treeplanting Day in Joensuu, Finland” http://www.enotreeday.net/ - ENO Tree Planting Day is a global tree planting event for children, youth and NGO's. Trees are planted for peace in over 130 countries on 21 September.

Write an opinion piece as a poem.
Some suggestions for ideas:
1. Is world peace attainable? How?
2. What does peace mean to you personally?
3. Is there a place for conflict? What kind? Does it stir the creative spirit?

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Quilt Works said...

What a great action shot - you captured the beauty and the power of the sea, and a man co-existing with it in harmony!


Jessica Watson

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