Saturday, September 17, 2011

Got Some Shakespeare in Your Life?

So you thought that Shakespeare had some stuffy old language unconnected with your life today?
Think again!

A Tumblr blogger, a 20 year old girl named Becky from London - 12th September 2011 - said:
I still don’t know how something I scribbled in a hurry at 3am got so many notes in the space of a day? Shakespeare is clearly too awesome. I spelt “bated” wrong, awk :) Someone said this looks like a serial killer’s notebook, which made me laugh a lot. They’re not wrong, I’ve been a sleep deprived zombie lately.This has, as they say, gone viral and in less than a week is stirring waves across the internet ocean.

And over on the
Oxford Words Blog is a wonderful tool which lets you discover how Shakespearean you are! They say:Enter some English text in the box below and click the button. Your words will be compared with all the words used by Shakespeare in his plays and our verdict will be delivered on its Shakespearean content. Why not paste song lyrics or dialogue from your favourite television show into the box to see how much overlap there is with Shakespeare’s English?

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