Friday, September 23, 2011

News Alert! Check Out Schools on Stage! UPDATE!

The vibrant city of Casey hosted this musical challenge for schools in the region!

Our judges certainly had a difficult task deciding on a winner, but
the performance of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and “Jitterbug” were hard to beat and Casey Grammar School was announced as the ultimate winner of Schools on Stage!
‘St John’s Regional College were the runners-up performing from The Wiz, The Best Song Award went to Cranbourne Secondary College for “Adelaide’s Lament” from Guys and Dolls Junior and Endeavour Hills Secondary College won the Teamwork Award’.
- Excerpt from Media Release
A fantastic effort Casey Grammar!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Got Some Shakespeare in Your Life?

So you thought that Shakespeare had some stuffy old language unconnected with your life today?
Think again!

A Tumblr blogger, a 20 year old girl named Becky from London - 12th September 2011 - said:
I still don’t know how something I scribbled in a hurry at 3am got so many notes in the space of a day? Shakespeare is clearly too awesome. I spelt “bated” wrong, awk :) Someone said this looks like a serial killer’s notebook, which made me laugh a lot. They’re not wrong, I’ve been a sleep deprived zombie lately.This has, as they say, gone viral and in less than a week is stirring waves across the internet ocean.

And over on the
Oxford Words Blog is a wonderful tool which lets you discover how Shakespearean you are! They say:Enter some English text in the box below and click the button. Your words will be compared with all the words used by Shakespeare in his plays and our verdict will be delivered on its Shakespearean content. Why not paste song lyrics or dialogue from your favourite television show into the box to see how much overlap there is with Shakespeare’s English?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

News Alert! Check Out Schools on Stage!

The vibrant city of Casey is hosting this musical challenge for schools in the region!

Each school has selected two songs from their 2011 school musical to perform for Schools on Stage. The song choice is up to each school – the only rule is that at least one song is a chorus number.

After each school has performed their songs it will be up to the judges to make the tough decision: who will be announced the winner of Schools on Stage?

Hosted by Tim Campbell

Best known for his role as Dan Baker on Home & Away, Tim Campbell will be the host for this special event. An all-round entertainer, Tim has performed at Carols In The Domain, The Good Friday Appeal and Carols By Candlelight.

His experience in the world of musical theatre includes performing in Rent, Shout! The Legend of the Wild One and Wicked. Tim also took part in Dancing with the Stars in 2007 and has hosted The Million Dollar Wheel of Fortune and The Celebrity Singing Bee.

Four awards will be presented on the night:

• First place ($2000 cash prize)
• Runner Up ($500 cash prize, sponsored by Hal Leonard Australia)
• Best Song
• Best Teamwork

In addition, all participating schools will receive a discount voucher from Hal Leonard Australia, which entitles them to either 20% off a Broadway Junior ShowKit or 20% off their material hire bill for any Hal Leonard show performance in 2012.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

News Alert! Check out The Archies!

“The Archies” is a drawing competition that The Art/Design Department at Casey Grammar will be running this year.
It is based on the existing Archibald Prize which runs annually.
This competition is aimed at encouraging the artistic talents of Casey Grammar and to provide an opportunity for students to show their skills to the community and their peers. Not only students can enter, but teachers and parents too!
For this to happen we need you to support this competition and submit photos of yourselves for the students to draw. The portrait must be drawn and must not be computer aided. In order to participate students will need to sign a form which gives acknowledgement to the rules and conditions of the competition which has been attached to this email. The Art Department will shortlist the entries and will screen all entries.
On the night of the Art Show the public will vote on their favourite portrait. The Art Department will also choose nominate the most successful entry. Prizes will be received by both successful entrants.

The competition begins on the 12/09/2011 - Monday next week.

The Art Show is on Friday 14th October

Jessica Watson

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