Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Me Bird

Pablo Neruda's poem, "The Me Bird," is the Chilean writer's ode to a "bird of a single feather."
Brazilian design and graphics studio 18bis created a stunning layered animation that brings the short work to life.

Seek out Pablo Neruda's poem if you wish, but try to create a song or poem of your own inspired by the sequence of ideas you see flowing before you in this video.



AvengingJay said...

Blog Made :)
Jayde F

Isabelle Sheppard said...

I have completed my blog

-Isabelle S.

leiselwhalelover said...

Well hello there. Im Leisel S. My blog is ready!

meulin leijon said...

swag guess who finished their blog
-lauren w holla

meulin leijon said...

my url by the way is meuwlins.blogspot.com ((((((::::

Isabelle Sheppard said...


Jessica Watson

Official Jessica Watson Blog

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