Tuesday, June 4, 2013

VCE Ensemble Evening

On Tuesday 28th May, Years 11 and 12 students celebrated  Drama.
Above is the Year 11 group -
Brady Curtin + Katherine Banko + Corey Ernsdoerfer -
who performed in Without Us.

Ryan Qualizza ( pictured above)
performed in Don't Eat the Brown Bacon
together with
Aaron Greenall + Samantha Marks + Svetlana Shashkoff

And above is the Year 12 group -
Matthew Alden + Rachelle Beagley + Jaymie Ellin + Victorine Ginioux + Maddison Nicholls -
who performed in Paranormal Silly Bands.

Matthew Alden, as Drama captain, hosted the evening.

The evening was a delightful banquet of
sight and sound
dialogue and silence
light and darkness
with a touch of the absurd in a challenging frame.

Congratulations to all students!
Stunning performances!

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