Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Australia Day Study Tour

These two characters do have some serious moments.
(Photo was taken at the recent swimming carnival at Noble Park.) 
On the left is Samantha Chapman and on the right is Sarah Dunstan.
They are both in Year 11 and are always seeking new challenges and new experiences.

City of Casey Australia Day Study Tour 2014 

Australia Day Study Tour Awards are presented to 10 young people in Year 11 who have been nominated by their school for demonstrating an interest in politics, community events and issues. 
This award is designed to give young people the opportunity to explore the political and administrative systems of our nation. 
Stage 1 The day began with a tour of the City of Casey and its places of interest. 
We saw historical landmarks like the Old Cheese Factory, heard the plans for the new Casey Complex and were engaged in the rich history of Casey. 
 One of our stops was at the Hampton Park Youth Centre where we learnt more about the services offered to the youth. We discovered the centre was not only a place for recreation but also a safe place for opportunities. 
The afternoon was spent finding out more about Local Government and other opportunities that would be offered to us throughout the year. 
 We got to meet the City of Casey leaders at a friendly dinner and got to chat. 
Afterwards we were lucky enough to attend a Council meeting (front row) where we saw the council members in action.

Congratulations to both girls for their community spirit.

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