Friday, April 25, 2014

ANZAC DAY from a former student...

part of a memorial in Dromana...
These golden flowers always bloom in Autumn round ANZAC Day...

A former student of Casey Grammar
Nat Sy
penned these thoughts in Melbourne today...

Just walking through the city eating an icecream, strolling through the crowds. 
You glance up once or twice to see those quick glimpses of a mother running her hand accross her baby's hair, wide eye and smiling friends as they reunite, the couple running their thumbs as they hold hands. 
The kid fascinated by everything ontop her father's shoulders, the young girl on the bench who can read in peace. 
We see these things too quickly at a glance as we walk past for our minor goals in walking past them. 
The girl's smirk when she knows she's happy with the way she's dressed tonight. 
The guy who tucks a flower into his jacket pocket. 
The grandfather cradling his cherished legacy. 
The busker who will die for the dream. 
It's a bit overwhelming to know that many people died defending this. 
And listening to some Sigur Ros probably has something to do with this status making an ever wanky background soundtrack to my glimpses at life. 
But all that aside. 
We are all gifted. 
And I hope everyone can take at least a piece of that gift and make sure that we can all enjoy it.

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