Thursday, February 25, 2010

History Waves #2 + Opinion Piece #7 ~ The Hobbit Connection

Pic by G.W. aka P.A. ~ A window on other worlds at Melbourne Museum
How a hobbit is rewriting the history of the human race is an article written on 22nd February, 2010 Guardian UK in the Archaeology Daily News.
Here is the introduction:
The discovery of the bones of tiny primitive people on an Indonesian island six years ago stunned scientists. Now, further research suggests that the little apemen, not Homo erectus, were the first to leave Africa and colonise other parts of the world, reports Robin McKie...~
Click on the link above and read the whole article.~
Try ONE of the following:
* Create a possible scenario explaining the origins of these "little people" and how they managed to be at Flores. (Try to be both creative and logical.)
* Write an opinion piece exploring the historical value of the hobbits.

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