Friday, February 26, 2010

News Alert! Hexapod Haiku Challenge!

Pic by G.W. aka P.A. ~ Delightful creepy crawlie on my verandah in the Dromana Hills, Mornington Peninsula
hexapod haiku -
short poems that celebrate
most Arthropoda

North Carolina State University is hosting the Hexapod Haiku Challenge. (Check out the link for details!) They also "definitely accept minor departures from traditional haiku "rules" (i.e., the 5-7-5 onji composition). We'd also love to see more haiga (a haiku that is accompanied by an image) and senryu (short poem about human and/or, in this case, insect foibles) though they will be judged as haiku equivalents."
What's a hexapod?
The word Hexapoda refers to all insects and their six-legged arthropod relatives (springtails, diplurans, and proturans). We're calling this contest the Hexapod Haiku Challenge only for alliterative purposes. We would love to have haiku that feature any familiar arthropod associated with the field of entomology, including those arthropods without six legs (e.g., spiders, millipedes, centipedes, and scorpions).

Haikus should be submitted by 11:59pm, March 20th either...
1. as an email to OR
2. as tweets (be sure to start each tweet with @ncsuinsects #HexapodHaiku) OR
3. as 3x5 cards (one per haiku; cards will not be returned) mailed to the following address:Hexapod HaikuNCSU Insect Museum
Department of Entomology
North Carolina State University
Box 7613Raleigh, NC 27695


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