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Beyond the Box #2 ~ Secrets of the Kimberley

Pic by G.W. aka P.A. ~ Unusual shapes and designs in the rocks at Somers beach, Mornington Peninsula.
Somehow, designs like these always stir the imagination.
What secrets do the rocks of Earth hold?
Beyond the Box #2 ~ Secrets of the Kimberley
Archaeology Daily News reports in the article Scientists document painted portals to a vanished past in Kimberley:Across the Kimberley, hundreds of thousands of paintings lie in rock overhangs and caves, often behind curtains of tropical vines. Dappled light plays over the surface of hauntingly beautiful images that have made the region famous: Gwion Gwion or Bradshaw paintings depicting slender dancing figures in mulberry coloured ochre or younger images of Wandjina spirits, wide-eyed and startlingly white despite the passage of years.

But who were these prodigious artists, when did they come and what other traces did they leave of their presence? Such questions are among the most crucial in Australian archeology, according to Morwood and Ross. Like Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, they say, the Kimberley may hold vital clues to understanding the origins of the first Australians.
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NOTE: The Bradshaws - The Australian Kimberley is home to a mysterious form of rock art known as the Bradshaws. The art is dispersed in around 100 000 sites spread over 50 000 sq. km. Although the art's pigment can't be dated, a fossilised wasp nest covering one of the paintings has been dated at 17,000 + years old. This makes the art at least four times older than the pyramids.

The Bradshaws depict people with straight hair and poney tails. One painting even depicts a boat, with a rudder, and 29 people on board. Unlike other Aboriginal art, it is not known what purpose the Bradshaw paintings served. Graham Walsh, the foremost expert on them, has suggested that they might be a form of iconography (picture writing) painted by a now extinct Asiastic race.
SOURCE: Unusual Australian facts - Mysteries
1. Research the rock art in the Kimberley.
2. Write a feature article in a newspaper OR an article in a select magazine on the true meaning of the rock art in the Kimberley.
Include who created this art and why.

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