Friday, June 29, 2012


MODEL UNITED NATIONS ASSEMBLY (MUNA) On 15 June I arrived at Forest Edge camp to begin a two day debating contest, representing the nation of Peru with Kaitlyn from Toorak College as my partner. We had never met before so had researched Peru individually. Two person teams from over ten different schools were competing. We all dressed in traditional clothing. We debated many issues from around the world including the threat of nuclear weapons, climate change and even asylum seekers. The weekend was good fun with many great speeches being made and many great questions being asked by all nations. At the end of the weekend, Brazil took home the overall winner trophy while my partner and I won the Peace trophy. We were commended on the fact that we were the only team from two different schools. I am thrilled to win this trophy for Casey Grammar School.

Congratulations Taylor A (Year 11) on your wonderful success!

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