Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"One" for the Drama Tour Ensemble

One is the show for the Drama Tour to the Gold Coast, Queensland this year.
Students involved range from Years 9 to 12.
Natalie Burns is the magical, never tiring main director.

Hannah Mueller, the Drama Captain for 2012, explained in the school assembly:
The Gold Coast Drama Tour Ensemble have been rehearsing their original production ‘One’ since October last year. The ensemble has been working hard learning lines, devising choreography, writing and composing songs, learning cover songs. The performance is a musical and involves 31 students from Years 9-12. It is a touring production and in the July school holidays we will be taking the show up to Queensland to perform at six different high schools. We couldn’t be more excited, but before we set off we will be performing the premiere show in Melbourne. What would you do if you knew that every decision you made would shape the rest of your life? Rachel is a quiet, academic girl, sick of being told to relax. Torn between liking two boys, wanting people to like her and wanting to do well in school, the decisions she makes in one day change everything. With best friends, boys, ex-friends and an upcoming party to deal with, Rachel and her peers learn that no matter who we are, the choices we make now define who we will become in the future. One moment, one decision, one mistake, one life changed...forever.
About 400 people viewed the premiere in the Casey Grammar Performaing Arts Centre.

Wishing this great band of students a successful and fun drama tour over the July holidays!
And take care of Ms Burns!


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