Saturday, September 7, 2013

Great Achievers

Year 8's - Kyle Provan and Eliza Guest (team = Kings Kreatures, representing the Kings Swimming Club)
- were participants in the recent 24hour Mega Swim.
The team raised $4,245.05.

From Kyle:
Where: For the MS Swimathon I swum at Casey RACE (Casey Recreation and Aquatic Centre).
The times I swam were from 12-4pm on the first day of the event.
Then I swam from 4-12am/pm the next day.
 Why: I did this event because I did it last year,
It is fun and I wanted to help people with MS.
Our team came first in our district, so we won a trophy and all of us got medals.
All together I swum 8.9 km of the 98km swim.

(I'm especially proud because Kyle is in my Pastoral Care group)

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