Sunday, September 8, 2013


Just recently our focus discussion in our Pastoral Care groups was volunteering.
Many students were surprised that they were not too young to do volunteer work.
They learnt that volunteering not only helps other people, but also may help a student's chosen future career.
And it is a "feel good" thing.

Sasha Shashkoff, a Year 8 student in my Pastoral Care group, wants to be a vet and/or work with animals.
Excitedly she checked out the possibilities.

Here are her findings.

My parents and I are looking into the volunteer work at a 'Runaway Bunny Centre'
where you go in either mornings or afternoons
to feed, wash, hold rabbits, clean cages or the area
and do some paper work if lucky.
I think this will be fun and gives me something to do in the holidays
instead of sitting at home.
There is a centre in Berwick and is the closest.
My dad said we'll look into it more for the holidays.

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